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The best instrument of Education is the Holy Scripture in its original language. (Christopher Wordsworth)

All, at least, by whom I know that pamphlet to have been read, acknowledge that I have exerted myself laboriously, and in a religious spirit, to obtain a pure text of the New Testament. (Johann Albrecht Bengel)

The primary goal of Greek New Testament Dot Net’s textual research is the recovery of what the New Testament writers wrote. To collate an ancient copy of the New Testament is a task requiring more time, care, and patience than men are very willing to bestow on such an object (Reverend Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener).  It also requires a great deal of money e.g. buying expensive books (e.g., Codex Vaticanus Graecus 1209 Facsimile costs €5,113.00, Codex Purpureus Rossanensis facsimile costs €5,800.00), out of print books (Google wasn’t around back then), subscription to journals, traveling, etc.

Textual criticism has virtually ceased to be a subject of active research in present day Germany, that is to say so far as the investigation of textual families, relationship between texts, etc. are concerned. This kind of research requires a great deal of time and money, so that it has almost entirely been transferred to America (W. G. Kümmel on “New Testament Research and Teaching in Present Day Germany” in New Testament Studies, Volume 1, Issue 03, pp 229 – 234, 1955 )

Soden had at his disposal a large sum of money given to enable him to employ numerous assistants, in order to scour the libraries of the East for MSS hitherto unknown or not carefully examined… (B.H. Streeter)

In order to achieve our goal of collating ancient manuscripts of the New Testament, we need to work on this project on full-time basis. Unfortunately, we are only able to do what we love during our spare time as we are not wealthy enough to quit our day jobs. That is why we admire Samuel Prideaux Tregelles (an English biblical scholar who lived in 19th century).

In spite of poverty, opposition, and ill health, Tregelles overcame all difficulties and devoted a lifetime of meticulous labours upon the text of the New Testament as an act of worship, undertaken, as he declares in the preface, “in the full belief that it would be for the service of God, by serving His Church’ (Bruce Manning Metzger)

Begging for donations from strangers to help us with this project is something we hate to do.  We are very sorry that this is the situation, and we hope you will understand our predicament and come to our assistance.

You can be our Elise Konig.

With the support of Elise Konig, a wealthy patron who provided him with the necessary funds (and who deserves special recognition – may her tribe increase!), von Soden was able to enlist the efforts of about 40 colleagues in all for the task of collating MSS in the libraries of Europe and other lands. (Kurt Aland)

If you like what we are doing with this website and feel like giving us an encouragement through monetary support, you can do so by donating any amount of money securely and safely through PayPal by clicking the PayPal button below:

Greek New Testament Dot Net relies on the donations in order to further the study of New Testament manuscripts.

Any amount given is important and greatly appreciated. Other than helping us with the textual research of the New Testament, your donation will also enable us to run many Bible-related websites (Greek New Testament, Peshitta, Vulgate, Bible exegesis, ecclesiastical history, etc) more effectively as we could devote more time to develop these websites.

Your donations help us to keep this website alive and also could help the collator (who is working on this project full-time since December 2011) to replace an old overheating laptop, pay for the renewal of the domain name, hosting fees, internet bills, electricity bills, etc. This will help to lessen the burden of everyday living expenses of the collator.

Thank you very much!

May God bless you for your generosity.

Editor of GreekNewTestament.Net

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