1 Corinthians 8:4

1 Cor 8:4 [Textus Receptus (Elzevir) (1624)]575
Περὶ τῆς βρώσεως οὖν τῶν εἰδωλοθύτων, οἴδαμεν ὅτι οὐδὲν εἴδωλον ἐν κόσμῳ, καὶ ὅτι οὐδεὶς Θεὸς ἕτερος εἰ μὴ εἷς.

1 Cor 8:4 [Codex Sinaiticus (א or 01) (4th century)]

1 Cor 8:4 [Codex Alexandrinus (Royal MS 1 D VIII) (A02) (5th century)]

1 Cor 8:4 [Codex Vaticanus Gr. 1209 (B03) (4th century)]1467c3
Περὶ τῆς βρώσεως οὖν τῶν εἰδωλοθύτων, οἴδαμεν ὅτι οὐδὲ- εἴδωλον ἐν κόσμω· καὶ ὅτι οὐδεὶς θς εἰ μὴ εἷς.

1 Cor 8:4 [Codex Ephraemi Syri Rescriptus (Grec 9) (C04) (5th century)]

1 Cor 8:4 [Codex Claromontanus (Grec 107) (D06) (5th century)]


Critical Apparatus :



A Textual Commentary On 1 Corinthians 8:4

(a) I communicated to Tischendorf my examination of his extracts from the Codex Claromontanus ; my notes served to correct some oversights of his, and to confirm him in other places.*

* In Tischendorf’s edition of the Codex Claromontanus, the notes of the corrections of different hands fill in the Appendix sixty- two quarto pages, in double columns . All these Greek corrections I recompared with the MS., and they are printed from his and my notes ; sometimes indeed we differed as to which hand had made the correction, and then Tischendorf has given simply his own opinion ; but as to the corrections themselves, I can certify that they are all in the copy. In all these places I was careful to ascertain the original reading of the MS., of which there can scarcely ever be a doubt. Whoever compares these corrections of D in Tischendorf’s Greek Testament with the Appendix to Codex Claromontanus, will see that many amendments have been introduced.
In 1 Cor. viii. 4, I read the line
as originally written ; and I noted that OYN had afterwards been erased ; (a later hand has changed ΓNωCEωC into ΒΡωCΕωC). On this, however, Tischendorf observes, “non possum quin Tregellium cl. errasse existimem, nuntiantem post ΒΡωCΕωC additum in codice esse ΟΥΝ.” I can only repeat that the vellum bears traces that these three letters were once there, as may be observed by a person accustomed to read erasures in ancient MSS., when this page is held in the proper light. Of course each one must hold his own opinion ; but Tischendorf might have thought it likely that the memorandum which I made on the spot with the MS. before me was not altogether a mistake ; for in 1 Cor. i. 24 he inserts ΤΕ after ΙΟΥΔΑΙΟΙC (which in his Greek Testament he had said was omitted) on my in formation , saying in his Appendix, ‘ “ΤΕ : id nunc in ligatura codicis latet.” I read the word by opening the book wide.

(S. P. Tregelles, An Account of the Printed Text of the Greek New Testament, pp.164-165)



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