Mark 14:51

Mark 14:51 [Textus Receptus (Elzevir) (1624)]177
Καὶ εἷς τις νεανίσκος ἠκολούθει αὐτῷ, περιβεβλημένος σινδόνα ἐπὶ γυμνοῦ· καὶ κρατοῦσιν αὐτόν οἱ νεανίσκοι·

Mark 14:51 [Codex Sinaiticus (א or 01) (4th century)]q77f3vc4
Και νεανισκος τις. συνηκολουθει αυτω περιβεβλημενος σινδονα επι γυμνου · και κρατουσιν αυτον:

Mark 14:51 [Codex Alexandrinus (A02) (5th century)]17rc1
Και εις τις νεανισκος ηκολουθησεν αυτω· περιβεβλημενος σινδονα επι γυμνου· και κρατουσιν αυτον οι νεανισκοι·

MSS: A, E, G, K (επι γυμνου bottom margin) (f124v-125r), M, Y (f128v|256), Ω,

Mark 14:51 [Codex Vaticanus Gr. 1209 (B03) (4th century)]35bc3
Και νεανισκος τις συνηκολουθει αυτω περιβεβλημενος σινδονα επι γυμνου και κρατουσιν αυτον

Mark 14:51 [Codex Ephraemi Syri Rescriptus (C04) (5th century)]80
Και νεανισκος τις συνηκολουθει αυτω περιβεβλημενος σινδονα επι γυμνου και κρα…….. αυτον οι νεανισκοι

Mark 14:51 [Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis (D05) (5th century)]340v|661
Νεανισκος δε τις ηκολουθει αυτους περιβεβλημενος συ<ι>νδονα επι γυμνου και κρατουσιν αυτον·

Critical Apparatus :

(1) και εις τις νεανισκος ηκολουθει αυτω : 1, 1582*
(2) και εις τις νεανισκος ηκολουθησεν αυτω : A, E, G, K, M, Y, Ω, 1582c, ℓ339c, Majority, Scholz
(3) και εις τις νεανισκος ηκολουθησεν αυτον : ℓ339*
(4) και εις τις νεανισκος συν ηκολουθησεν αυτω : Δ
(5) και νεανισκος τις συνηκολουθει αυτω : א, B, C
(6) νεανισκος δε τις ηκολουθει αυτους : D

(7) σινδονα : א, A, B, C, D¹, E, G, K, M, Y, Δ, Ω, 1, 1582, ℓ339, Majority
(8) συνδονα : D*

(9) επι γυμνου : א, A, B, C, D, E, G, K, M, Y, Ω, 1582mg, ℓ339, Majority
(10) επι γυμινου : Δ
(11) OMIT επι γυμνου : 1, 1582*

(12) και κρατουσιν αυτον οι νεανισκοι : A, C, E, G, K, M, Y, Ω, ℓ339, Majority
(13) OMIT οι νεανισκοι : א, B, D, Δ
(14) οι δε νεανισκοι κρατουσιν αυτον : 1, 1582



ΡΠϚ / Ι :

C (80), G (f109vc1), M (f127vc1), Y (f128v|256), Ω (p249c1), 1, 1582 (f127v-128r)



A Textual Commentary On Mark 14:51

(a) At the Paschal supper John occupied the place of honour. Jesus and His disciples were seated, according to the Oriental fashion, reclining or leaning on couches. John was next to Jesus, and leant upon His breast. Hence he is known in the writings of the Fathers by the title o επιστήθιος. Tradition relates that John was that young man who followed Jesus at Gethsemane, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body (Mark xiv. 50, 51). Thus Chrysostom and Ambrose say that this young man was John. Jerome, on the other hand, thinks that he was James the brother of John. All such suppositions are plainly erroneous. John was with Christ in the garden, and had risen with Him from table. “How some persons,” observes Calvin, “have come to dream that it was John, I know not ; nor is it of any importance to inquire.”

(Paton James Gloag, Introduction to the Johnannine Writings, pp. 31-32)



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