John 19:26

John 19:26 [Textus Receptus (Elzevir) (1624)]383-384
Ἰησοῦς οὖν ἰδὼν τὴν μητέρα, καὶ τὸν μαθητὴν παρεστῶτα ὃν ἠγάπα, λέγει τῇ μητρί αὐτοῦ· Γύναι, ἰδοῦ ὁ υἱός σου.


John 19:26 [Codex Sinaiticus (א or 01) (4th century)]q81f5rc2
<ΙC δε ϊδων την μρα> και τον μαθητην παρεστωτα ον ηγαπα· και λεγει τη μητρι· γυναι· ϊδου ο ϋϊος σου·

John 19:26 [Codex Alexandrinus (A02) (5th century)]54rc2
ΙC ουν ϊδων την μρα και τον μαθητην παρεστωτα ον ηγαπα λεγει τη μρι αυτου γυναι· ϊδου ο υιος σου·

John 19:26 [Codex Vaticanus Gr. 1209 (B03) (4th century)]75ac1
ΙC ουν ϊδων την μητερα και τον μαθητην παρεστωτα ον ηγαπα λεγει τη μητρι γυναι ϊδε ο υιος σου

John 19:26 [Codex Ephraemi Syri Rescriptus (C04) (5th century)]

John 19:26 [Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis (D05) (5th century)]

John 19:26 [Codex Washingtonianus (W032) (5th century)]

Critical Apparatus :

(1) ιησους ουν ιδων τὴν μητερα : A, B, ℓ339, ℓ339 (ii), ℓ1086, ℓ1086 (vi)
(2) ιησους δε ιδων τὴν μητερα : א1
(3) OMIT ιησους ουν ιδων τὴν μητερα : א*

(4) λεγει : א1, A, B, ℓ339, ℓ339 (ii), ℓ1086, ℓ1086 (vi)
(5) και λεγει : א*

(6) μητρι αυτου : A, ℓ339, ℓ339 (ii), ℓ1086, ℓ1086 (vi)
(7) OMIT αυτου : א, B

(8) ιδου : א, A
(9) ιδε : B, ℓ339 (ii), ℓ1086, ℓ1086 (vi)
(10) ειδε : ℓ339



A Textual Commentary On John 19:26

(a) For if Mary had no son except Jesus, in accordance with those who hold a sound opinion of her, and Jesus says to his mother, “Behold your son,” and not, “Behold, this man also is your son,” he has said equally, “Behold, this is Jesus whom you bore. (Origen, Commentary on the Gospel according to John)



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