Luke 3:24

Luke 3:24 [Textus Receptus (Elzevir) (1624)]201
Τοῦ Ματθὰτ, τοῦ Λευῒ, τοῦ Μελχὶ, τοῦ Ἰαννὰ, τοῦ Ἰωσὴφ,

Luke 3:24 [Codex Sinaiticus (א or 01) (4th century)]q77f7vc1
του μαθεαθ του λευει του μελχει του ιανναι του ϊωσηφ

Luke 3:24 [Codex Alexandrinus (A02) (5th century)]22vc2
του ματθατ του λευι του μελχει του ϊαννα του ϊωσηφ·

Luke 3:24 [Codex Vaticanus Gr. 1209 (B03) (4th century)]40ac3-40bc1
του ματθατ του Η·λευει του μελχει του ϊανναι του ϊωσηφ

Luke 3:24 [Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis (D05) (5th century)]195v|371
του μαθθαν το ελεαζαρ του ελιουδ το ιαχειν του σαδωκ

Luke 3:24 [Lectionary ℓ339 (3rd day/1st week) (Egerton MS 2163) (12th century)]82rc2
τοῦ λευΐ (Lk 3:24) τοῦ ἰωνά τοῦ ματθίου (Lk 3:25)· τοῦ ναούμ (Lk 3:35)· τοῦ ναγγαί (Lk 3:25)· τοῦ ματταθιου (Lk 3:26) τοῦ σεμεει (Lk 3:26)· τοῦ ἰωνάν (Lk 3:27) · τοῦ ζοροβάβελ (Lk 3:27)· τοῦ νηρέ (Lk 3:27)· τοῦ ἀδδῶ (Lk 3:28)· τοῦ ἐλμωδάμ (Lk 3:28)· τοῦ ἰωσή (Lk 3:29)· τοῦ ἰωρείμ (Lk 3:29)· τοῦ λευί (Lk 3:29)· τοῦ ἰοῦδα (Lk 3:30) · τοῦ ἰωναδάμ (Lk 3:30)· τοῦ μελεά (Lk 3:31)· τοῦ ματθά (Lk 3:31) τοῦ δαδ (Lk 3:31)· τοῦ ἰωβηθ (Lk 3:32)· τοῦ σαλμων (Lk 3:32)· τοῦ αμηναδαβ (Lk 3:33)· τοῦ αρνιμ· τοῦ φαρες · τοῦ ιακωβ· τοῦ αβρααμ· τοῦ ραχωρ· τοῦ ραγαυ· τοῦ εβερ· τοῦ καιμαν· τοῦ  σημ· τοῦ μαλμελ· τοῦ ενωχ· τοῦ ματθαν (Lk 3:24)· τοῦ μελχι (Lk 3:24)· τοῦ ιωσηφ (Lk 3:24)·

Critical Apparatus :

(1) Luke 3:24 : א, A, B, D, E§, G, K, L, M, S, X, 1, 1582, ℓ339
(2) OMIT Luke 3:24 : W

(3) ματθατ : A, B, E§, G, S,
(4) μαθεαθ : א*
(5) μαθθαθ : א¹
(6) ματταθ : Mmg
(7) ματθαν : K, L, M*, X, 1, 1582, ℓ339§
(8) μαθθαν : D

(9) λευι : A, E§, K, L, M, S, X, ℓ339§
(10) λευει : א, B, G, 1, 1582
(11) ελεαζαρ : D

(12) μελχι : K, X, ℓ339§, Elzevir
(13) μελχει : א, A, B, E§, G, L, M, S, 1, 1582
(14) ελιουδ : D

(15) ιαννα : A, E§, G, K, M
(16) ιανναν : S
(17) ιωνα : ℓ339
(18) ιανναι : א, B, L
(19) ιωανναι : 1, 1582
(20) ιαχειν : D
(21) αννα : X

(22) ιωσηφ : א, A, B, E§, G, K, L, M, S, X, 1, 1582, ℓ339§
(23) σαδωκ : D



A Textual Commentary On Luke 3:24

(a) DOUBLING OF CONSONANTS – Lachmann , following manuscripts, has often introduced again in spelling proper names θθ instead of τθ, and Tischendorf [and Tregelles also] has in part followed him in this. Thus in Lchm. [Tdf. Treg.] we always find Μαθθαῑος (even in Acts i. 13) Μαθθάν, but in Lchm. [Treg.] Ματθάτ Luke iii. 24 [Tdf. Μαθθάθ ; Treg. Μαθθάτ in Luke iii. 29] ; and in Lchm. Ματθίας Acts i. 23 [Treg. Tdf. Μαθθ.]. Since in matters of orthography no uniformity can be attained either by following MSS. or inscriptions, it seems advisable here, where the two modes of writing cannot have been governed by any difference in sound (cf. Lchm. pref. p. 40), to follow out consistently either the spelling with θθ (which occurs here and there in inscriptions also), or that with τθ as the grammarians prescribe.
The name Zacchaeus is written Ζακχαῖος by all ; on the other hand, the spelling of ‘Ἀπφία Philem. 2, Σάπφειρα Acts v. i , is doubtful.
(Alexander Buttmann, A Grammar of the New Testament Greek, p. 8)




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